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How to identify ADHD symptoms
almost 3 years ago


Children are more prone to developing ADHD and it6 is at times difficult for the parent to tell if the child has the disorder or not. ADD symptoms are classified into inattention symptoms and hyperactivity symptoms. Children with ADHD show inattention symptoms like committing small and careless mistakes, inability to organize their tasks and activities. They easily lose things, are distracted easily and don't listen properly. For parents, these symptoms are a frustration. Most of the time, parents assume that their child is just being naughty or ignoring their instructions deliberately.


Children who have ADHD may show impulsive and hyperactivity symptoms. The symptoms include squirming and fidgeting on the chair or floor, talking incessantly and impatience. They also do not stay still. They are always running around, busy doing something and interrupt you and your guests constantly. Parents of these children should keep an eye on them as they watch them for 6 months and if the symptoms persist, the child may be diagnosed by the physician as having ADHD.


The problem with ADHD is that it is too often misdiagnosed in children. The reason is that, as children grow, they go through a phase where they are hyperactive and don't want to obey their parents. This is the main reason as to why parents should first observe their children for at least 6 months before suspecting ADHD.


There are children that display a combination of both inattention symptoms and hyperactivity symptoms. Some children will display few inattention symptoms and no hyperactivity and others display hyperactivity symptoms and no inattention symptoms. ADHD in children, therefore, varies because some show there severe symptoms of the disorder and others just the mild symptoms. ADHD is generally extremely frustrating and difficult for both the child and parent to handle. There are various ways of treating ADHD symptoms and parents should take their children to the doctor soon for proper diagnosis if they suspect that he or she has ADHD.


Challenges that these children face mostly is being punished especially at schools since they are thought to be naughty. A parent that suspects their child to have ADHD should ensure that they communicate at schools so that their child is always safe. Parents that also don't understand about ADHD should make sure that they gather adequate information about it, its symptoms and all that concerns it from articles, journals, magazines and books that have the information comprehensively.

Click ont this site for more details about ADHD symptoms:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult_attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder.

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